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About IslaMar - Island Sea



Since I could remember I have always loved traveling to exotic tropical places, visiting the beach and exploring the sea. It was in those places I felt the most inspired to learn languages, cultures and customs. Which in return allowed me to create and grow deeper in my identity as an artist and pianist. When I started IslaMar I wanted it to revel the teacher, educator, artist and musician I wanted to be. I wanted it to reflect the high and depth of who I was and was I was creating -Ruth Alexsandra creator and founder of IslaMar.  


I created IslaMar (Island Sea) to focus on mainly piano lessons for all players at all ages and my philosophy and style of teaching is mostly inspired by repertoire, techniques from a classical, jazz and Latin frame. You can expect to improve you playing style, have a rounded idea on musical concepts, history and confidence just within a few sessions with me. 

La Bovéda

La Bovéda (The Vault) is where you will find exclusive piano samples and tracks for download. I created La Bovéda as a  place for those who needed professional acoustic piano samples for their projects. if you need specific ones you can also contact IslaMar for custom made piano tracks.

IslaMar Records

IslaMar © 2022 ISLAMAR RECORDS was created to house unique and timeless melodies and believes in the exploration and fusion of genres. I have had the pleasure of working with Canadian Co-operative Musicians, Multi Visual & Audio Tech, Uplift Black.ORG,  Merriam Music Productions and BBBBstudios to create some incredible works! Out of these amazing opportunites opended the door for composition and creating something special. 


*You can find exclusive and original sheet music produced by Ruth and you can explore her newest and upcoming releases for her passion projects.*

"Spanish Rose" The up and coming self-produced and composed album by Ruth Alexsandra  was inspired by the jazz classics of Ella Fitzgerled, Buddy Tate, Louis Armstrong, Etta Jame, Chic Korea and other Latin influences. 

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