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Emerging Neoclassical, Contemporary & Jazz Pianist 

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"I may speak english, mostly, but my heart is defininly Spanish. And I would describe my sound like Chick Corea, Buddy Tate and Claude Debussy all sat down and created a beautiful, Spanish inspired musical soundtrack" -Ruth Alexsandra Jones

Youtube Channel

With over 43k thousand views across Youtube, Ruth is making waves with her artistry and gathering a community of like-minded fans who enjoy her live and pre-recorded performances!


Canadian-born pianist and saxophonist Ruth Alexsandra Jones is best known for her original piano compositions, social media presence and her iconic singles "Mariposas", "Spanish Rose" and her newest release "Romántica". Ruth majored in music performance, and received her Bachelor of Music, Spanish Linguistics and Art from Brock University.


She specializes in mentorship and teaching piano for beginners to advanced players and fills her time with creating compositions, preforming and teaching music. When you listen to Ruth perform you feel truly captivated by her sheer passion for piano and will experience the radiance of the love she pours into her music.


With the successful release of her singles she has generated more than 40, 000 thousand streams across multiple streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and Deezer. Ruth has also attracted over 41, 000 followers and hundreds of thousands of views across social media with 5 viral videos totalling 870,000 views!

Ruth has also had the pleasure and wonderful opportunities  performing in Jazz Ensemble and Wind ensemble (Brock University) as lead saxophonist. And has incredible moments playing for shows both solo and with ensembles for special occasions, birthdays and weddings. 

Her youtube channel is where you can find a library of Performances by her live and in the studio.

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